France - September 2016
National Trust property visited on the way to the ferry at Portsmouth: Sandham Memorial Chapel, home to Stanley Spencer's paintings relating to the First World War
The gite on the farm of Noel & Isabelle Renault,
our accommodation for twelve nights
Isabelle & Noel take us to a creperie in nearby Chateaugiron
Chateaubourg holds its annual street market -
an opportunity for the locals to clear out their junk
This part of Brittany has had a very dry summer,
and Noel's maize has suffered accordingly
Redon's weekly market
The Romanesque belfry of Redon's St-Sauveur church
The Nantes-Brest Canal crosses the River Vilaine in Redon
Lunch in Redon is at the O'Shannon Pub -
photo by courtesy of an Australian fellow diner
Jeanette with the megaliths of St-Just
Down on the farm, David gives Noel a hand
Chateau de Rohan, alongside the Nantes-Brest canal in Josselin
Chateau de Rohan and
the tower of the
Notre Dame du Roncier
Two views of the Chateau after climbing the 138 steps of the church's tower
The Nantes-Brest canal in Josselin
The Hotel de France
in Josselin
where we enjoy a lunch
of Moules Frites
followed by ice cream
Holiday Images
Holiday Images