USA 2002: The Dakotas & The Rockies
June 27th to July 21st - after flights from Birmingham to Minneapolis via Chicago (Illinois) we drive 4,529 miles visiting
the states of Minnesota; North Dakota; Montana; Wyoming; South Dakota; Nebraska; and Colorado.
We fly back to Birmingham from Denver via Chicago.
Holiday Images
The starting point of our drive - the Hampton Inn at Eagan, Minnesota
(left) statue of
Hiawatha & Minnehaha
Minnehaha Falls,
The skyline of Saint Paul, the state capital of Minnesota
Saint Paul
(left) Cathedral dome
State Capitol
The Quadriga,
located on top of the
State Capitol,
represents the elements
of nature. The golden
horses are held by two
women who represent
civilisation, while the
man on the chariot
represents prosperity
Charles Lindberg
The Boy and the Man
Mickey's Diner was
designed to resemble
the railroad dining cars
of the period. It is unique
in that it is one of the
first diners to be built in
the Art Deco style
Preacher's Grove,
Lake Itasca
Lake Itasca,
source of the
Mississippi River
Paul Bunyan and
Babe the Blue Ox are the
names of a pair of large
statues of the American
folk hero and his ox,
located in Bemidji,
north west Minnesota
The geographical centre
of North America
is in
North Dakota
Mandan Earthlodge, Knife Indian River Village, Bismarck, North Dakota
Missouri River, Cross Ranch State Park, Oliver County, North Dakota
State Capitol, Bismarck, North Dakota
Rock formation in the Badlands of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park,
North Dakota
Little Missouri River