Holiday Images
Salt Lake City to Seattle: June/July 1998
The record of our thirty day trip visiting
Illinois; Utah; Idaho; Wyoming; Montana; Alberta; British Columbia; Washington
Four intrepid travellers wait at Birmingham Airport
for the departure of American Airlines flight AA 23 to Chicago
The Skydeck on the 103rd  floor of the famous Sears Tower in Chicago is an
ideal position for viewing the city and its location on Lake Michigan
The junction of three Expressways close to downtown Chicago
is achieved with this enormous intersection
Several of Chicago's skyscrapers
crowd alongside the Chicago River
Also on the Chicago River, this unusual building called
River City caters for the residents' boats
Back down at ground level before taking the train link back to
Chicago's O'Hare Airport
After our Boeing 767's arrival at O'Hare Airport at 12:03pm, and our excursion to
downtown Chicago, we relax before our 8:40pm flight to Salt Lake City
Our three nights in Salt Lake City are spent at the Ramada Hotel. Jeanette and Anne pose outside the hotel with a Chevrolet Blazer that we deem unsuitable for a trip of nearly 4,000-miles, and which we swap for a Buick Park Avenue Ultra
The Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints,
its spire topped by a golden statue of the angel Moroni
(above) Lion House: Brigham Young's office until his death in 1877. Brigham Young was the second President of the Church. The founder of the Mormon Church (Joseph Smith) is commemorated in the statue below
The Seagull Monument in Temple Square (above and below)
commemorates the 1844 intervention of the birds that saved the emigrants' first harvest by devouring a plague of grasshoppers
Other statues in Temple Square honour the family ....
.... and the pioneers who crossed the plains pulling their possessions in wooden handcarts
The Temple and Tabernacle