Holiday Images
Rhodes: May/June 2022
Flying with Jet2 from Birmingham,
our holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes is from May 19th to June 2nd.
Our Jet2 flight departs Birmingham at 5:50pm, and lands at Rhodes at 11:40pm (local time). Slight delay at Rhodes due to a couple of passengers being escorted off the plane by security staff. The transfer bus soon departs, but the driver cannot locate his first drop - eventually he is guided in by the hotel sending out a torch bearing member of staff. We reach the Lindos Grand Resort and Spa at 2:15am and are checked into Room 4003 - the room's noisy swimming pool prevents us getting a good night's sleep.
Next day, we are moved to Room 4044 - same design of room (a suite with a lounge area of little practical use), but a higher level provides lovely views of Vlycha Bay and the private swimming pool's pump is quiet. Access to the room is by way of 99 steps, or a lift in a club car. We soon settle in and quickly find that the hotel's staff are delightful and the food is excellent.
On Day 3, after taking delivery of our hire car, we drive to Lindos. The town is very crowded in the narrow 'tourist' streets. We find some quieter streets to explore, and find many interesting buildings with fine doorways.
The remains of the town's amphitheatre